I'm baaaaack

Oh Look... it's me!  I'm back.

It's been 2 years since my last confession.  I know... bad wolf.  I guess I have just been spending a lot of time over on Facebook.  and over the last several months, I have been lucky to even be able to do that.

Anyone who sees me over there knows that work has been kicking my butt over the last few months.  For the first time since I started the position, my GSI (Guest Satisfaction Index) dropped below the 8.5 ish I was hovering at.  All related to staffing issues.  Can't catch a break somedays.  

In retrospect.. it is what it is and I will find other staff, but in the meantime I just have to deal with it.

Anywho.. I just popped over here for a second as I actually *am* at work and they expect me to do stuff.

But.. as a series of bullet points for anyone NOT on my facebook, the last several years have brought:

  • Promoted to Department Manager

  • New to me car

  • SCA - elevation to order of laurel.

  • good friends


Spoke too Soon!

At some point yesterday I realized that I had clocked about 12 hours of overtime in one week right at the end of the pay period.  Not long after that, the head housekeeper mentioned having a certain number of cleaners and I had at least 3 rooms come down to complain about one thing or another.  This all happened at once.  So in a moment of extreme silliness, I made it my facebook status, with a few embellishments, to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas.  Funny enough someone said that they thought it was a "legit" status until they caught the tune.  The sad part is... most everything there WAS legit.. to one extent or another.

When I got home yesterday, I ended up just feeling tired and blah so hubby took me out for comfort food (yea.. Chinese). While we were there, I mentioned something about having to go to work on Monday and he looked at me funny and reminded me that I had Monday off because of a special request by another employee which will make have to work part of the next weekend as well (our work week is monday through sunday). 

I was all excited about my day off. For about 3.5 minutes.  Then I get a text message saying that the person who was supposed to cover my shift could not come in.  We're back to being short staffed at the moment so no day off for me.  It does, however, mean that I am working 48 hours this week, so 8 hours of OT to start the NEW pay period.  I guess I can live with that.

Hubs and I both work this morning so it was up well before the sun. Even the doggies looked at us through sleepy eyes going.. "Uh huh.. okies humans... go do whatever is you go do.. just let us sleep" as Pucky dog buried himself BACK under the covers.  I think I am jealous of my dog.

There is so going to be a nap in my future.
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Aspect of Wolf


Wow.  It's been a long time since I've been *here*.  Sucked into FB, I have been, but the last few days have left me just wanting to ramble, which is more than I can do on FB.

Life is pretty okey-day.  The series of ups and downs that make existance what it is continue.  Moments of joy overshadowed by moments of sadness and grief.  Disappointment and disillusionment chased away by friendship and love.

I have to say that I"m pretty happy right now.  Back to having roommates, but they're pretty mucking cool, I have to say.  The puppers are mostly happy.  I say mostly because for whatever reason, they've now decided that they hate each other and my big boy keeps trying to eat the little's one face.  Literally.  So.. they have to be kept seperate.  Luckily, there are plenty of humans and other doggies for them to play with.

Lord Fuzzy Butt (pathfinder) needs a doghouse since he's starting to spend most of time outside.  He's back on a lead but only because this fenced in yard is only about 3 feet high, which is a joke as far as he's concerned.  Last night while we were all watching television and hanging out, I saw Path do something I have not seen him do in a long time... which is lay completely on his back, all 4 paws in the air. Silly pupper dog.

Hubs and I are both working, although hubs does including begging for more hours and does not always get them.  We are trying to see if there is something else he can get into that offers better hours.  My job is ... well.. it is.  I love my job but some of the people here hurt my brain.  It's called work ethic people.. learn the meaning of it. I know customer service is hard... I've done it for many more years than I care to count but you go to the back, where you can't be heard and vent.  You tell your FB buddies (waves) that you want to stab people with your pen (or your nametag, or whatever). You DON'T do it in my freaking lobby where you can be heard.  You DONT argue with the guest, no matter that they are being belligerent and rude.  You have to be BETTER than that.


There's a lot more 'stuff" running round my brain.. but my fingers are slowing down and I'm actually starting to have to *think* about what I'm writing.. so it must be time to stop, LOL.  Back to lurking on facebook.
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Aspect of Wolf

Confessions of a Hotel Night Auditor

Good Evening, Thank you for calling my Hotel (and giving me something to do in the middle of the night) this is your Friendly Night Auditor, how can I help you?"


"Is this Pizza Hut?"


Why do I even bother?




Insert sweet voice here (now you should be frightened..)  "I'm sorry, it's not."


"Then what is it?"




"You've reached my fantabulous hotel."


"O, I think I dialed the wrong number"  click.



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Adventures in Catering

I catered a wedding this weekend.

I have to say that it was a most interesting experience for me. Not because of anything that actually had anything to do with the job itself. It was one of those situations where my commitment to do this job conflicted with a family obligation. The commitment to this wedding won out.

It was more painful than I expected.

Before you decide to yell at me, please realize that in this case, the chicken totally came first (no.. I am not calling my friend a chicken, LOL). I was asked to cater this wedding quite some time ago.. before my nephew decided to set the date for his wedding. Once he did, and the two events conflicted... while it hurt.. I told my family that I had accepted this job and I had to follow through.

From the rest of it... well.. I won't bore you with the minutae of the everything.. but we got all the shopping done (I soo should have gone to Restaurant depot instead of chefsmart) and did some final shopping at the most ghetto supermarket in all of winston-salem. It was.. um.. an interesting shopping experience.

Once done with the shopping, things safely tucked away in coolers, I went to find my hotel. along the way I found a friend (Hi M!) and The Boy, M and I went to a fun dinner at Red Robin. Nummy burger goodness and a drink called "Sand in my Shorts" that didn't hurt either!

Great company and even better conversation and then we all picked up and actually checked into the hotel. Boy oh boy. I got my employee discount and even at $25.00 I wanted my money back. Just sayin.

Why? Well..let's see..
1. Bed had ripples in it (no joke)
2. Mattress was only marginally softer than the floor.
3. let's not even TALK about the bathroom
4. The "professionals" working in the room upstairs was, if nothing else, an amusing topic of conversation for later in the evening.

Saturday morning at OMG early in the morning we headed off to the venue to unload the coolers and do some last minute running around. Back to site with my staff (who is Made of Awesome) and quite literally hit the ground running.

The kitchen at the site was pretty rocking (warmer, convection oven, grill, good counter space, freezer and reach in) Only thing it didn't have was a dishwasher (ok.. well.. a mechanical one, that is).

Food was prepped, cooked and plated. I was happy with the layout (could have used one more table, though) The Boy played Bartender for me and did an OMG job.. plus he helped cook and prep in the kitchen.

Bride looked beautiful, groom was b lissfully happy and the 'rents were very happy with the food. It's all I can ask for.

After cleanup, went back to hotel and quite literally fell down. Every muscle ached.. and sleep came swiftly.

Today was a joyful day... got together with some friends and had a kick tail lunch and some rocking coconut flan and then back up the road we go. Home again home again.. and now I'm back to the bread and butter job.

But.. ya know it went well when they approach you about another possible wedding in the near future! :-) Yay

Super uber thanks to my dear friends .. D, P and their kids for being a rocking staff.

And a special big thanks to the Boy for putting me back together after I fell down, even though he was exhausted as well and had worked just as hard.

It's exhausting and sometimes mind and body numbing.. but .. i love to cook.. and this plating thing ain't bad either!


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Writer's Block: Wait, that's not how it happened

How do you feel when an adapted film's story deviates from the original material?

We've all done it. We've watched that movie and said those same words. Sometimes with lots of expletives and bleeps (ok.. so I've done *that*). For me, I guess it depends on how far the story has deviated from the original material. I am a huge Stephen King fan. Turning one of his books into a 2 hour movie is pushing it.. but most times I got to the movie knowing that there are going to be some changes and I roll with punches.


Then there are *those* times. The times when I all but walk out of the theatre.. or.. if I missed in on the big screen and get to see it later, when I yell at the television set. A lot.

Let's see.. the remake of the Jason Bourne trilogy springs to mind. I was livid. Beyond livid. I get that they "modernized" the story some.. sure.. that's great. But the changes that they made to that movie made a mockery out of the original book. At that point, you might just as well have said "loosely based on" (and I mean.. VERY loosely based).

Ok, so I'm a Ludlum fan.

Seriously though... there's no simple answer.. not for me. It's really a situational dependant kind of thing.. most times I can deal. I may be slightly irriated, but I can understand why they cut this or that out. I mean, what's important to me in the book may not be important to someone else. Or, I can turn into a crazed bainsidhe, frothing at the mouth and wanting to wring someone's neck for the dreck that they have just turned out.

Guess there just ain't no pleasing some people!
Aspect of Wolf

Confessions of a Hotel Night Auditor

Hello again... it's been awhile, hasn't it?

Oftentimes, as we change shifts, we tell our relief if there is anything interesting going on. Somestimes "interesting" comes in the form of explaining the idiosyncracies of some guests.

Tonight when I walk in, I get told to watch out for the crazy lady. Sure.. no problem.. I see a lot of unusual guests so I am not too worried about it and go about my business.

Little did I know.

So here I sit, innocent as all get out and this crazy woman walks into my lobby. At first, she seems pretty nice and normal. That changes fairly quickly. She stops by the front desk and talks to me for a few minutes. No problems.. that happens fairly regularly.. nothing out of the ordinary there, for all of about three minutes.

The crazy woman is in my lobby. The crazy woman has decided that I am her new best friend. In half an hour she has told me her entire life story, she has changed topics about half a dozen times in ten minutes. She is talking a mile a minute.

Now don't get wrong... I'm not only originally from New York.. but I'm Puerto Rican... we talk like squirrels on Fast Forward.. but even I was having a hard time keeping up with her. I am trying desperately to not get the wild, wide eyed Deer in a Headlight look, but I am failing miserably.

I finally resorted to getting online and asking a friend to save me from the psycho lady by calling me. Saved by the bell.. or so I thought. before I knew it.. she decided that she wanted some ice and came BEHIND MY FRONT DESK to get a cup that we had in the back office. How she knew they were there, I have no idea.. but I was incredulous... the minute she got her cup I locked the front desk office door.

I have NEVER felt the need to lock the front office door.. seriously!

Well.. I thought that I had been saved by the bell when I got my phone call (1000 thanks to my friend that c alled me) because the lady went up to her room... called me and asked for a wake up call.

Phew.. bullet dodged... right?


three am... I leave the desk shortly (restroom) and as I come back to the desk I hear the telephone. I did not make it in time... next thing I know... Crazy lady is BACK in my lobby.. telling me that she called down to the desk and because I didn't answer she thought that there was something wrong with me and that she had come running down to check on me.

Now I am being regaled with story after story... complete with sound effects. I am trying desperately to be nice.. but patience.. running ... thin.

The last thing that she just told me is that she liked one of the floral centerpieces in the lobby and she wanted it and wanted to take it home.


I am developing a migraine.

Dear Crazy Lady,
Please go to bed. I can no longer keep track of your crazed prattling. I really could do without your re-enactment of people hacking up, coughing and throwing up. You have been talking NON STOP for over half an hour (Dude, take a breath!) If you do not go to bed soon... I am going to stab you with my pen.

Your very irritated Night Auditor
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And the smell of the day is...

So I've moved to the back of beyond. I seem to be drawn to these places, LOL. But I'm happy in my bright yellow little house. My pupper dog and crazed kitty seem to have acclimated, and while everything is not quite completely moved over or situated yet.. it's done enough that it feels like home and not like I'm camping out, LOL.

One thing about the house.. I live five miles from a paper mill and Boy and I, when we first drove out here by ourselves braced ourselves for the noxious fumes coming from the mill. Boy oh boy, noxious was right. I hate to be crass, but it smelled like stale farts. Seriously. Luckily the smell doesn't reach our house (yay!) and it only lasts for a few minutes while we drive past the plant.

Recently, however, we made an interesting discovery. The smell "changes" from time to time. We have identified 3 different smells. The only thing that we can figure is that they are making different types of paper.. but I don't know. So, every time we come up on the plant, we brace ourselves for the "smell of the day".

Smell one is the ever so lovely stale fart.
Smell two is old refrigerated roasted turkey.
Smell three is salt and vinegar potato chips.


I'm not kidding.

The other day some good friends of mine (Hi D, Hi P) came to visit. They drove out to the house and P mentioned the smell coming from the plant. She started commenting on the fact that it "reminded" her of something and I brought up smell three. She looked at me and laughed and agreed that that was the exact smell.. so no. .not kidding. So far those are the only three smells that we have identified.. but I guess that we will see, LOL.

In other news.. I don't know what the hell hit me yesterday, but about 8-9pm I got hit with a major migraine. Was in total migraine hell. Boy was awesome, attentive and bundled me into dark quiet room. Cancelled my plans for the day and spent the day in quiet and still environment. There's only so much one can do about the bright daystar .. but I stayed away from it as much as possible.. parked in front of fan with cold water, gatorade and ibuprofin. Finally, late this evening.. I feel human again. Slight headache, but not incapacitating, like it was earlier, thank goodness. Still ...taking it easy. Pupper wont' leave my side and even kitty has been more affectionate that normal.. must realize momma isnt quite right.

Well.. its late and bed calls me. Later ya'll.
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Do Over?

La Baronesa's First Tournament

See the Baronesa.

See the Baronesa put on armor.

See the Baronesa get clubbed like a baby harp seal.


Laugh at the Baronesa (it's ok, she's laughing too).

Laugh at the Baronesa as she drops her shield and gets clubbed like a baby harp seal. (again).

Count the bruises.
1.. 2.. 3...

Ouchie! (especially when you poke at them.. silly Baronesa, don't poke at the bruises!)


Look at the tired Baronesa trying to figure out event she is going to fight at next!
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So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

Dear crappy little trailer,

So Long! FareWell, Auf Wiedersehen, GOODBYE!!!! I will not miss freezing in the wintertime or run the risk of LIBUS's (Light Bills of Unusual Size). I will will not miss roasting (quite literally) in the summertime.

I will not miss the crappy little maintenance/management company who thinks that it is perfectly appropriate to leave the denizens of the house without water for three days. More than once. Or leaving us without heat on and off for almost a week.

I will not miss the screens that do not fit. The door that barely shuts or the scarily uneven EVERYTHING.

You were a means to an end. I needed a place to go and you afforded me with a great location and the ability to keep my pupper dog and my crazed kitty. Oh.. and the two car storage garage out back. It's sad when your storage space is bigger than your house. Just sayin.

I haz found new little place. Cute. Out in the country (??Really??) that will let me keep my pupper dog and crazed kitty. It still has 60s paneling on the wall, but it is light and bright. I can put more than two people in the kitchen at any given moment in time. I HAVE AN ICEMAKER (ok... it's the little things that make me happy!)

There are things I will miss.. but... in the long run.. this is the best decision for me. Because if I don't move.. I will probably ring the property managers neck and I am not sure that my friends have the bail money right now, with Pennsic looming, LOL.

So it's back to playing House (no... not the TV show) and setting up t he new space. :-) Maybe sometime down the road, Pathfinder will get a little playmate. MAYBE. (oooo I just re-read that..of the fuzzy four legged variety is what I meant).

By the way.. the new house (as in stick built, not trailer) is Black Diamond yellow. The Boy keeps talking about painting little black diamonds around the house as trim. He ran away laughing as I looked for something to throw at him. No management company but a nice man is the owner. He and Boy get along great. Boy gets to mow the lawn (something we didn't have to do at the old place) but Owner provided us with rider mower. (!!!) Gotta love it.

No dishwasher. Yet. That, however, is in the works. anyone got a serviceable dishwasher? LOL. I'm lurking on Craigs list.

Well.. back to the Daily grind. Another day, another audit.
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